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Letter to my people: Mthuli Ncube experiment has failed

If Mthuli was an honourable man, he would have resigned and returned to whatever country he was in before.


My Dear People

The preliminary results of the census are in and as usual, my people from Bulawayo are up in arms against the new figures.

As far back as I can remember, there have always been issues about the Bulawayo figures and this year is no different.

Well, I won’t bore you with details, because something else drew my attention to it in this year’s figures.

According to the gurus at Zimstat, there is a ward that is made up of 85 males and zero females in Matobo district — you read that right, there are no women in that ward, kkk.

Someone please make this make sense to me.

I have seen a few explanations on social media — you thought I wasn’t on social media, kkk — with some saying the ward is made up of herdboys and herdsmen and women aren’t allowed in that area.

Well, there is barely any grazing grass for cattle at this time of the year in that ward and it wouldn’t make sense for all these males to stay alone.

By the way, is it possible for men to stay alone?

Even in colonial times, these whites that Baba defeated would construct hostels for men to live alone, but we all know what would happen.

Ladies of questionable morals  soon found their way to those hostels and lived with those men.

Excuse me, but it really doesn’t make sense for 85 men to live alone.

The gold coins are finally in circulation and they still do not make sense to me. I’d rather buy Guccis than those gold coins.

The idea behind the gold coin is that Zimbabweans are sitting on vast amounts of money and they are using it to buy US dollars on the black market.

Unless it’s Queen Bee and a few others that are connected to the system, there are very few people that can afford those coins and it doesn’t make sense for this to be called an instrument to encourage savings.

In a country where civil servants barely earn US$200, expecting someone to save US$1,800 for a minimum of 180 days sounds like Alice in Wonderland nonsense.

Zimbabweans will only save money formally when they have faith in the banking system and not through some hotchpotch scheme.

Panonetsa once told us that bond coins were only for change, but the moment we blinked, they were legal tender and bond notes were equal to the US dollar.

With that background, I am not too sure there are many people that can trust Mthuli and Panonetsa.

And the 180-day period that one has to wait before trading the gold coins makes it even less attractive as an investment tool.

Well, my PhD is in social sciences, let me not get involved in monetary issues lest I be accused of being out of my depth.

If Mthuli was an honourable man, he would have resigned and returned to whatever country he was in before.

Inflation is raging at more than 250% and no Finance minister worth his salt would remain in power under such circumstances.

Mthuli clearly has no plan for the economy and there is really no hope for this country with him in charge of finance.

The guy was supposed to be a technocrat who would bring inflation down to a single digit, but he has been an absolute failure and he deserves to go.

I don’t know where the hope that Mthuli would be a knight in shining armour ever came from though because we remember the mess that he caused at Barbican Bank.

Brother Gideon spoke quite eloquently about how badly Barbican Bank was run by Mthuli.

So if this man failed to run a bank, what more a whole economy.

Jonso is an angry man. Everyday he is on the warpath with CCC.

He does raise a few interesting points, particularly about being cyberbullied and trolled because of his criticism of the party.

Economically and socially things are bad in Zimbabwe and anything could be a trigger for an attack on someone.

I am not excusing cyberbullying, I am just explaining why things are like this in Zimbabwe.

On the other hand, Jonso has gone on a sustained attack on CCC.

He says he has chosen not to support the party and he made the decision as far back as November last year or February this year.

If he made that decision, then why is he bothered that CCC has no structures or constitution? Jonso has also called CCC supporters cultists and owls.

If he can dish it, he should be prepared to take it as well.

He is free to say what he wants, but I wish he could be like Tyson, Mzembi, Made and others who have kept to themselves and are finding ways of preserving Baba’s legacy.


Dr Amai. PhD (Fake)

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