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Public relations: Why PR is crucial component in rebranding process

Those of us in the public relations profession cringed, as the chairperson made a promise his company would from now on, “do things differently.” This spurred some of us into a debate on why companies choose to rebrand and whether they really understand the risks involved, and perhaps that they would have chosen that route merely to put lipstick on a pig.

By The Southern Eye Aug. 28, 2022
New perspectives: Nyatsime 16: A clear expression of lack of social cohesion
New perspectives: Nyatsime 16: A clear expression of lack of social cohesion

The Zimbabwean government has in the past made efforts toward building a socially cohesive society. Examples are the creation of a ministry in 2009 in the President’s Office, which was headed by the late John Nkomo and was responsible for national healing, reconciliation and integration.

By The Southern Eye Aug. 28, 2022
Letter from America: Guvamatanga is right to say economic model needs to be changed

Guvamatanga referred to overpricing by actors awarded tenders by the state procurement board. Overpricing of goods tendered to government entities is common throughout the world because government can take up to six months to pay after invoices are submitted.

By The Southern Eye Aug. 28, 2022
Re-imagining the workplace: Where there is no vision, people perish

White elephant institutions and projects did not have visions and if they had, they did not have the technical know how to craft a living and immortal vision that transcends time. People came to participate in the badly crafted or non-existent vision and they perished. Politics ensued because they had so much energy that they had to do something about it and because there was no agenda, they resorted to many shenanigans that shot the organization in the foot, rendering them a white elephant project.

By The Southern Eye Aug. 28, 2022
Creative Process Behind Online Slot Games

Online casino games are often thrilling, captivating, mesmerizing and more intriguing than Hollywood flicks. This rings especially true for slot machines, which give their creators an unseen level of creativity. Whether you want to dive with beautiful mermaids, dance with cheeky leprechauns, or fight zombies and vampires – modern-day slot machines offer that and some. […]

By The Southern Eye Aug. 27, 2022
Equal access to health, more important than ever, says EQUINET

The conference revealed the need to improve access to the living conditions and promote healthier local food and production systems to tackle longstanding deprivation.

By The Southern Eye Aug. 23, 2022
Letter to my people: Don’t read much into the handshake

Well, it is true that I was in Kinshasa to receive an award from Sadc on behalf of Baba for his role as the founding father of this country.

By The Southern Eye Aug. 21, 2022
Village Rhapsody: Why 2023 polls are important for gender equality

Despite a number of international, regional, and national laws that grant women the right to equal political participation and representation as citizens, gender disparities still exist in the access to political leadership positions across local governments, national parliaments, and executive institutions of power across the world.

By The Southern Eye Aug. 21, 2022
Media co-regulation is the way to go for Zimbabwe

Most media organisations in Zimbabwe subscribe to this self-regulatory mechanism, with the code of conduct being the yardstick for professional journalistic standards and the basis on which the media is held accountable to the public.

By The Southern Eye Aug. 21, 2022
Embracing green buildings to save energy

Assuming that Zimbabwe implements green building standards to the levels of the greenest building in the world — the Edge, located in Amsterdam, which uses 70% less electricity than comparable office buildings, the annual electricity import bill from Zambia alone would be reduced from US$75.6 million to US$22.68 million.

By The Southern Eye Aug. 21, 2022
Giles Mutsekwa was a tough campaigner

Mutsekwa was further applauded for his refusal to be deployed in Matabeleland at a time he had just been promoted to the rank of full colonel to lead a battalion in Nyanga that was going to be deployed in Matabeleland during the Gukurahundi campaign.

By The Southern Eye Aug. 21, 2022
Re-imagining the workplace: Google and other company visions

It is important therefore to remember that all businesses come out of solving a problem and that solving that problem can happen in different ways based on the reality of that time and the brain of the people engaged with that problem.

By The Southern Eye Aug. 21, 2022
New perspectives: Zim govt has to find balance between economy and politics

 Employers were able to rent on behalf of their workers in hostels where half a dozen workers shared a room, and several rooms shared a bathroom and toilet. 

By The Southern Eye Aug. 21, 2022
Letter from America: Education: Zimbabwe still ahead of the pack

The “essence” of Zimbabwe is that it is a learning community. There is both anecdotal and statistical evidence that Zimbabwean students have grasped the idea of “studying.” Thirdly, I dare to say that Zimbabwe is the best educated nation in the world, beating Britain, New Zealand, and Australia in literacy rates (95%). A juicy report recently revealed that 33% of British citizens are marginally literate! Fourthly, the basis of Zimbabwe’s educational supremacy has its roots in Christian missionary education and what the English called the “public school model” of education.

By The Southern Eye Aug. 21, 2022
PR & communications: Why women are effective in PR & communications

TALK SHOW WITH TSAMWAI NYEMBA If you’ve ever been involved with public relations (PR) & communication, you’ll quickly notice that the industry is filled with women. Nearly 80% of the public relations industry today is comprised of ladies. And it’s not even just the work force that is run by the girls. My time studying […]

By The Southern Eye Aug. 21, 2022
Business opinion: Eco-branding

Our SMEs are on the record for failing due to lack of capital/finances. Why not ride on the “Eco” way of doing business as it is economical (a low hanging fruit). 

By The Southern Eye Aug. 21, 2022
Signs of a Good Casino Site

Certain online casinos stand out from the crowd because of several reasons. These are signs that anyone can look for to distinguish a good site from a bad one. Regardless if you’re new to the world of iGaming, or have some experience, there are some signs you can look out for when choosing a site. […]

By The Southern Eye Aug. 19, 2022
Health Talk: Power cuts wreak havoc on health care

Frequent daily power cuts coupled by lack of resources are pushing most of the country’s health institutions to their limits.

By The Southern Eye Aug. 14, 2022
Africa’s SDA church in landmark 2022 camp meeting

Formed in 1950, the ASDA is offshoot of the global SDA church and its focus is on the gospel of mercy derived from the biblical book of Matthew in which Jesus urges mutual compassion, clemency and sympathy.

By The Southern Eye Aug. 14, 2022
Antibiotic resistance in Africa. Are we paying enough attention?

Effective antibiotics are critical to ensuring medical life as we know it. Prior to the discovery of antibiotics, routine events such as a tooth extraction, giving birth, sexually transmitted infections, appendicitis were associated with high mortality.

By The Southern Eye Aug. 14, 2022
Travelling & Touring: Birchenough Bridge: Zim’s forgotten tourism landmark

The majority of these structures are usually regarded as landmarks and are key components of infrastructure with some becoming engineering icons due to their sphere of influence to the beholder.

By The Southern Eye Aug. 14, 2022
Community Trailblazers: Mahlupeka’s rural background gifts him with success

But the owners of some villas in Borrowdale will be more than happy to tell you that his construction company TimCon are the builders of their immaculate upmarket homes.

By The Southern Eye Aug. 14, 2022
Village Rhapsody: Key lessons Zimbabwe must learn from Kenya

About 65% of eligible voters, according to the Kenyan electoral commission, participated in the parliamentary, local and presidential elections, a significant decrease from the almost 80% voter turnout in 2017.

By The Southern Eye Aug. 14, 2022
Public Relations: How PR contributes to sustainable business growth

This was the subject of a webinar organised by the Marketers’ Association of Zimbabwe on how PR can help in achieving sustainable business growth. In this article, we discuss the impact that public relations has on companies and how these public relations measures affect the company’s bottom line, demonstrating that PR can be a significant tool to help companies grow.

By The Southern Eye Aug. 14, 2022
Grace Tidings: The grace of God and His unconditional love

Paul faced the same resistance and most people think, when you are talking about grace you are encouraging them to sin. Paul covers this very well in Romans 6. His Grace comes from His love for us and most believers are yet to fully understand God’s love.

By The Southern Eye Aug. 14, 2022
Sunday Word: Blaspheming God and Christ

Some have claimed to be God himself. Such pretence could be labelled as blasphemy. We have many other Christian institutions that ordain people into priesthood to act for God, giving them full powers to forgive sins. Can anybody else besides God or Christ possess equal powers to forgive human sin?

By The Southern Eye Aug. 14, 2022
Letter from America: Is former president Donald Trump a hero or villain?

At the same time, events of great moment were happening in my adopted homeland, the US. Former president Donald Trump’s house was invaded by men in dark glasses, in the wee hours of the morning.

By The Southern Eye Aug. 14, 2022
Out & About: Tyler Page knows how to go big

Setting the tone with puffed up tunes and shiny lyrics utterly unleashing her career on the front foot, the early-blooming South African alt-pop gem — whose humongous amount of showmanship debuted to critical acclaim — is reinventing the wheel, broadening her horizon with yet another spanking red-hot single called ‘If It Wasn’t 4u’.

By The Southern Eye Aug. 14, 2022