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Letter to my people: The million-man marches are back

Hehehe, Launchmore really loves copying Baba. Now he has brought back solidarity marches. 


My Dear People.

May someone please check on Temba. Ever since Susie made those revelations about him, Temba has been in a tailspin.

First, he hosted his own discussion on social media, hoping to counter Susie, but from the look of things, it didn’t go his way.

I do love a little gossip from time to time, but I stayed away from that one.

Following that, Temba has been reduced to monologues on Twitter where he accuses everyone and anyone of not listening to him.

He writes long messages that nobody is reading and with that he gets even angrier.

Temba thought he was going to defend himself, defend Launchmore and apparently even recruited Linda as part of his defence league, but nothing worked.

Instead he has brought more scrutiny on himself and is left with even more questions that he has to answer.

Temba was badly advised in the manner he tried to respond to Susie.

As usual, he was brash and he thought that would shield him from questions, but no it didn’t work.

Launchmore himself is yet to respond to what Susie said.

But Joji told us, we don’t expect much of a response from his office anytime soon.

But, as long as there is radio silence from him, the more the questions will remain.

You remember when I told you that Baba was not a bambazonke type?

You see what I meant, kkk.

While the Generari was in Bulawayo introducing his new wife, his ex-wife was once again feeling the brunt of the new Zimbabwean justice system.

It is no secret that Marry is unwell and her continued appearances in court are an injustice on their own.

Marry was due to appear in court last week, but was too weak and unwell to clamber up the steps to appear in court.

In her state, her relatives and her lawyer thought it best that she rests in the car, as they tried to come up with a plan on how she would come in front of a magistrate.

However, the magistrate didn’t like that and issued a warrant of arrest.

In her state, jailing Marry doesn’t serve any justice at all.

Beatrice Mtetwa was quite emotional when she addressed the media, asking key questions about the judiciary.

Beatrice explained that Marry could barely walk and expecting her to climb steps was cruel.

There’s really no winning for Marry on this, the last time she was in hospital and the magistrate still issued a warrant of arrest.

The other time she had to be brought to court while in a stretcher bed.

Like, honestly, who does this benefit?

She should be allowed to rest and concentrate on her recovery and then when she’s well enough she can be brought to the courts to face justice.

She’s not my favourite person since I saw her twerking for the coup, but even I feel pity for her and I think what she’s going through right now is nothing short of cruelty.

Speaking of the justice system, what’s going on with Cde Sybeth Musengezi’s court case?

To bring you up to speed, Cde Sybeth is challenging Launchmore’s ascendancy to the helm of the party.

The case is quite the one that wrecked Nero’s leadership of MDC.

For starters, the case has taken an age to be brought before a judge and during that time, Cde Sybeth has been arrested and harassed.

Now Sybeth is raising more dust, questioning the operations of the High Court, where he says documents have gone missing, while others have nicodemously been sneaked into the file.

When he requested the files, he was told his matter was a “security” issue and, thus, he couldn’t access them.

This is quite curious, as court documents are public documents and can be accessed by anyone at any time.

If Launchmore is confident that his rise to the top of Zanu PF was legitimate, then he should be courageous enough to push for the conclusion of the matter.

As things stand, his legitimacy is questionable and it is for that reason that he should encourage that the matter is swiftly before the courts so that he can rid himself of the monkey on his back.

The judiciary has a duty to ensure that matters are heard expeditiously.

The justice system is before trial and so far it is not covering itself in much glory.

Hehehe, Launchmore really loves copying Baba. Now he has brought back solidarity marches.

If ever there was a telltale sign that all is not well for Launchmore, it is the return of the solidarity marches.

When we wanted to get rid of Joice, we held solidarity marches. When Baba wanted to fire Launchmore, he started solidarity marches.

We all know how that ended, kkk. Ironically, they are holding the solidarity march at a place they named after Baba.

I won’t speculate on the reason for these marches, but I want to see how it ends.


Dr Amai. PhD (Fake)

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