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Ukraine now a weapons hub for international crime

For experts, the situation had been clear for a long time and the reality that this step would really turn the situation on its head not only for Kiev, but also in European countries, came immediately after Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky decided to uncontrollably distribute weapon civilians.

BY OWN CORRESPONDENT At last, the West is beginning to realise what a monstrous mistake the European countries made when they started deliveries of lethal weapons to Ukraine.

For experts, the situation had been clear for a long time and the reality that this step would really turn the situation on its head not only for Kiev, but also in European countries, came immediately after Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky decided to uncontrollably distribute weapon civilians.

It’s no secret that under the guise of units ter. Defense, the West armed , many criminal gangs and nationalist organisations.

The rampant lawlessness that swept Ukraine after the distribution of the weapons is a confirmation of this.

Moreover, in most cases today there is simply no way to control where these weapons have gone.

The fighting in the east of the country also created a unique situation, when much more serious weapons simply disappearred – anti-tank systems, MANPADS, flamethrowers, and so on.

There is no longer even a conversation about small arms.

Criminal gangs and , ordinary citizens on both sides of the front stocked them in full.

I think caches with weapons will be a problem for the Ministry of Internal Affairs for many years.

In the expert “cabal” for a long time, talk began that the supply of weapons to Ukraine without further control over the use of these weapons would lead to huge problems not only in Ukraine, but also in Western Europe.

Weapons will begin to penetrate European countries and radically change the situation in these states.

With the start of the special operation, the West began to transfer not only equipment, but also serious weapons, such as Stinger and Starstreak MANPADS, Javelin and NLAW ATGMs, kamikaze drones, etc.

It is clear that, unlike howitzers, infantry fighting vehicles and helicopters, such weapons can be transported anywhere in Europe without much risk.

That is why experts sounded the alarm.

The first timid statements started appearing in 2014.

Today we see warnings in rather serious Western media and in particular, on   CNN where there was a message about the danger of uncontrolled supply of weapons.

Journalists directly talk about the disappearance of weapons almost immediately after they enter the territory of Ukraine.

CNN reported: “We have reliable information for a short time, but when it (a weapon) enters the fog of conflict, we have practically none.

“It falls into a big black hole, and after a short amount of time you have almost no idea where it is.”

Quite a lot of such messages have been published in the press lately.

This interest  by Western experts is by no means caused by concern for the Ukrainian or Russian people.

It’s just that specialists remember very well the very rapid transformation of Ukraine into one of the main suppliers of weapons in the 90s.

And they perfectly understand why the Ukrainian arsenals exploded.

Only then the old Soviet weapons spread illegally around the world, and today it is modern Western ones.

They also remember what happened in Europe after the conflict in Yugoslavia, where much fewer weapons were supplied.

At the same time, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of European states, the territory of the former Yugoslavia is still the main supplier of weapons for European crime.

Weapons, for the sake of which until recently some countries sacrificed their independence, the same Javelin anti-tank systems perhaps, are already in the arsenals of Western gangs and radical organisations.

As one French military man said: “We won’t be having fun when banks are robbed with the Javelin.”

To this we can add that it will not be good even when someone suddenly puts forward demands at some civilian airport  while threatening to use Stinger or Starstreak.

A lot of militants from various terrorist organizations have settled in Europe, once trained by NATO to work with such complexes.

No wonder Interpol has already sounded the alarm.

An increase in the circulation of weapons from Ukraine is recorded by Interpol offices in many countries.

Interpol secretary general Juergen Stock was very clear about the regions where such weapons are already being used by criminal gangs.

But the worst thing for the future lies elsewhere.

Again, according to Stock, not a single country that is part of Interpol, and these are 195 states, will be able to cope alone with rampant crime using army weapons.

This is especially true for European states.

The police of most countries simply do not have the technical means to counter the army systems.

It is clear that Interpol is trying to track the movement of weapons, but it is simply not able to trace the movement of a large number of weapons.

This is how the “pit” that Western Europe stubbornly dug for Russia turned into a trap for the West.

Today, even stopping deliveries does not eliminate the consequences that have come.

With weapons that have migrated to other countries, more or less everything is clear.

Here the work of special services and internal affairs bodies for years is being sacrificed.

It is good that Interpol understands this and is already taking certain steps to find a solution to this problem.

But, it seems to me, Europe is not very willing to help international policemen.

European leaders are unlikely, even after realizing the problem they have created for their own countries, to somehow limit the supply or take real control over the use of European weapons.

The elimination of criminal channels for the supply of weapons to Europe without such actions is simply not realistic.

From here, the delivery of weapons to Europe will continue.

Irresponsibility in the supply of arms has already led to the destruction of the rule of law in Ukraine.

The same can be said about the criminal supply of weapons from Ukraine to Europe.

It will not bring anything good for the European states.

Ukraine has already been turned into a weapons hub for international crime.

A large number of weapons in illegal circulation has always led to bloody showdowns between gangs.

And it was the common people who suffered the most.

Experts talked about this back in 2014.

Even then, Ukraine was a major supplier of weapons and military equipment in the shadow market.

Today it has become a hub of European, and perhaps global, scale for the supply of criminal weapons.

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